[PureOS] "PureOS changes" notifications

Matthias Klumpp matthias.klumpp at puri.sm
Wed Jul 3 18:13:46 PDT 2019

Am Mi., 3. Juli 2019 um 22:46 Uhr schrieb Chris Lamb <chris.lamb at puri.sm>:
> Hi Matthias,
> > > > How can I help?
> > >
> > > Very gentlest of reminders on this thread/question? :)
> [..]
> Neat, thanks for writing this! I've done a quick skim of it but will
> re-read it soon, likely tomorrow.  In the meantime:
> >                    but at least for package upload information
> > subscribing to pureos-changes will get you the data as emails.
> Jeremiah, what can we do sysadmin-wise to get notifications regarding
> Git pushes to our source.puri.sm Gitlab instance?

Oh yeah, that particular information should get piped through Laniakea
eventually to inform it about changes to Git repositories and trigger
automatic source package builds, but it's not actually in the
immediate scope to be implemented. Having some really dumb
run-off-the-mill GitLab bot for it right now would do the trick well,
I think.


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