[PureOS] Building my own PureOS ISO image?

Chris Lamb chris.lamb at puri.sm
Wed Mar 6 10:55:42 PST 2019

Hi pureos-project,

I'm trying to build a PureOS ISO image on my own system but can't seem
to locate a script/repo/documentation, etc. I'm probably just missing
something obvious. To clarify, I'm trying to build an ISO like:


... rather than the OEM image. I'm guess Matthias is the person to
specifically ask here? (Ping?)

Just to underline it really doesn't matter how ugly/manual the process
is or that it could potentially be improved — everything always can be
and I won't "judge" anyone on the status quo, especially for non-daily
processes; I'd just like to build one myself.

Best wishes,

Chris Lamb

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