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Jeremiah C. Foster jeremiah.foster at puri.sm
Fri Sep 27 07:22:31 PDT 2019

On Fri, 2019-09-27 at 11:01 +0000, Chris Lamb wrote:
> Hi Jeremiah,
> > We need release notes for Amber, there have been a couple requests
> > for
> > them. I think that maybe we can do a high-level info page? Or
> > something
> > along the line of a "NEWS" page? Feedback most welcome.
> That's a good idea. I have no specific feedback except that from
> reading release notes from other projects, taking some time and
> expending energy to filter out what is meaningful is extremely
> useful,
> helpful and beneficial for the intended audience.
> For example, just including a tiny handful of high-level changes
> typically works well in my experience.

I'll endeavor to gather this info with Matthias and from our issue
tracker. (Might be an opportunity to close some issues as well.)

> ยง
> > I'm also having trouble with diffoscope getting killed now, I'll
> > document that in a bug report on squash and friends. 
>                                 ^^^^^^^^^
> A bug report for unsquashfs? Isn't it a bug report for diffoscope, at
> least in the first instance?

You're right, I'll file the bug there. 


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