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Matthias Klumpp matthias.klumpp at puri.sm
Tue Jul 30 10:52:26 PDT 2019

Am Di., 30. Juli 2019 um 19:19 Uhr schrieb Jeremiah C. Foster
<jeremiah.foster at puri.sm>:
> [...]
> It's not a good state to be in, I think everyone agrees. Let's try and
> have a bias towards action, largely because if we move forward with a
> given approach and it breaks, we can change it. Yes, that may be
> difficult and messy (maybe not) but it is likely better than leaving
> current green users without a best-effort approach to security by
> bringing in Buster updates.
> So, I'll express my preference here: green remains stable, we create a
> new 'amber' rolling release.
> The consequences are;
> - We need to assign resources to update green with the security and
> other updates from Debian. If you were to give me a login to Laniakea
> Matthias I can go about documenting the process with your help. I can
> be the resource for now and when there are other resources available,
> we can add them.
> - We need to create the new amber release and document to our users how
> they may upgrade to that in their sources list.

The more severe consequences of going with that (essentially option B
from https://lists.puri.sm/pipermail/pureos-project/2019-July/000167.html
) is that we need to hack the user's sources.list somehow in order to
support this scenario. Or go with option A which is inflexible and
risky, by not having -updates/-security suites and uploading
everything to an unfrozen green suite directly.
If we indeed freeze green, those questions must be answered first and
implemented, otherwise our users of green would *still* not receive
any more updates.


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