[PureOS] Bits frm PureOS | Buster edition

Chris Lamb chris.lamb at puri.sm
Mon Jul 8 07:56:38 PDT 2019

Dear Nicole,

> Of course there are challenges involved, like needing bleeding edge
> packages [and any problems] will stay the same and next release there will
> be other newer packages we need for $SOMETHING. So also here, better try to come
> up with an acceptable solution now.

Thank you for sharing this but moreover happening to elucidate my own
position so clearly — this, at the very least, will push off my
inevitable RSI by another hour or so into the future...

However, we need not phrase it quite so "practically" and with a tone
of resigned regret - we will not be the only distribution who will be
basing ourselves on buster and making non-trivial backports etc. :)

Best wishes,

Chris Lamb

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