[PureOS] Bits frm PureOS | Buster edition

Matthias Klumpp matthias.klumpp at puri.sm
Wed Jul 10 13:35:14 PDT 2019

Am Di., 9. Juli 2019 um 23:11 Uhr schrieb Jonas Smedegaard
<jonas.smedegaard at puri.sm>:
> Quoting Jeremiah C. Foster (2019-07-09 12:05:12)
> > On Tue, 2019-07-09 at 08:44 -0300, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
> > > Quoting Matthias Klumpp (2019-07-08 14:04:20)
> > > > Indeed. As a matter of fact, PureOS green is already tracking
> > > > bullseye at the moment.
> > >
> > > Can you then please "hit the breaks" to not contaminate green any
> > > further?
> >
> > I believe this has been done, please see:
> > https://lists.puri.sm/pipermail/pureos-project/2019-July/000157.html
> >
> > Here's a quote from that email (at the bottom); "P.S: I made a "stale"
> > suite fork of the "green" PureOS suite, so we have a stable-ish point
> > of reference to use, in case we go with having a suite that tracks
> > stable (as green is accumulating packages from Debian testing
> > already)."
> Well, Matthias knows best what Matthias has done but I can only read
> above quotes as a) our users of green will continue to receive Debian
> testing packages and b) new user can receive Debian stable packages
> (when an installer is created for that).

That was indeed what I meant, but after receiving this announcement
from Jeremiah I also disabled all synchronization with Debian just as
a safety precaution.
At the moment, nothing should be synced from Debian to PureOS.

> > > Regardless of those details, please stop all migration frmo landing
> > > to green to minimize the mess we need to custom-handle!!!
> > I think a single exclamation point is sufficient. :-)
> Why?

Because it could come across as impolite and shouting, like you
commanding me to do something.
Don't worry about that though ;-)

> Because we don't want to stabilise PureOS now after all?

I think it's a good plan, but we should really nail down the "how"
soon (see my other mail for that).

> Or because a bunch of helping hands is getting hired as we speak to help
> maintain the delta we now create between Debian stable and whenever we
> stop letting Debian testing packages into green?

There is none (or just a small one of the first few hours after
migration was enabled again in Debian). I still hope that we get more
helping hands though.


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