[PureOS] Bits frm PureOS | Buster edition

Jonas Smedegaard jonas.smedegaard at puri.sm
Tue Jul 9 14:11:09 PDT 2019

Quoting Jeremiah C. Foster (2019-07-09 12:05:12)
> On Tue, 2019-07-09 at 08:44 -0300, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
> > Quoting Matthias Klumpp (2019-07-08 14:04:20)
> > > Indeed. As a matter of fact, PureOS green is already tracking 
> > > bullseye at the moment.
> > 
> > Can you then please "hit the breaks" to not contaminate green any 
> > further?
> I believe this has been done, please see: 
> https://lists.puri.sm/pipermail/pureos-project/2019-July/000157.html
> Here's a quote from that email (at the bottom); "P.S: I made a "stale" 
> suite fork of the "green" PureOS suite, so we have a stable-ish point 
> of reference to use, in case we go with having a suite that tracks 
> stable (as green is accumulating packages from Debian testing 
> already)."

Well, Matthias knows best what Matthias has done but I can only read 
above quotes as a) our users of green will continue to receive Debian 
testing packages and b) new user can receive Debian stable packages 
(when an installer is created for that).

> > Regardless of those details, please stop all migration frmo landing 
> > to green to minimize the mess we need to custom-handle!!!
> I think a single exclamation point is sufficient. :-)


Because we don't want to stabilise PureOS now after all?

Or because a bunch of helping hands is getting hired as we speak to help 
maintain the delta we now create between Debian stable and whenever we 
stop letting Debian testing packages into green?

 - Jonas

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